So, the long awaited reveal of Garfield’s ass as the source of the shmoo has arrived. Like Christmas wrapped up in a birthday and tied up with a summer vacation bow! Where can I take Weapon Brown from here?

Well, we’ve all seen that I am the undisputed modern master of suspense, right? The answer should be obvious!

(This is my cruel, peel-the-Band-Aid-off-slowly way of telling you that …it is time for me to take a goddamn break!)

Now, wait…I know that about five hundred of you have already deleted this site from you bookmarks. Please stop panicking! It’s going to be alright, I tell you!!

Weapon Brown’s story is just on the cusp of getting super awesome, what with CAL-v.1N on his way and a really hot nocturnal encounter between Chuck and Anne virtually guaranteed. However, this strip has grown from a little 50-page aside to an epic that Peter Jackson couldn’t film if he had twelve lifetimes. In the meanwhile, several projects I had hoped to be in the middle of at this point have been cooling their heels in the Green Room, waiting for their time on stage.

And there’s a bunch of Weapon Brown-related things I’d like to be doing that Weapon Brown is interrupting! Things like getting this project in front of publishers, preparing the next issue of the comic book for consumption by you Blockheads, and banking a few week’s worth of strips. Clearly a hiatus is required.

So, the “Prestige” storyline will wrap next week (or possibly the week after if I decide to stretch), and then Weapon Brown will go to sleep until Monday, August 30th.

But will you be left high and dry? Hells no! Not only will I produce more frequent blogginz, but I will also be premiering a new comic feature called Coffee Break that will update on Fridays. I hope you will enjoy it, and accept it for the methadone it is meant as until Chuck returns.

Furthermore, next week I will officially be premiering the loooonnnnnng overdue Deep Fried #4! This issue will feature a new, never before seen Weapon Brown short called “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Weapon Brown”, created with you long-time fans in mind. I will also be launching the sale of an enormous quantity of Weapon Brown pages, available at extremely reasonable prices, for die hard fans who want to help me build my piggy bank for the next round of Weapon Brown products.

Lastly, I plan to keep you up to date on the projects I will be beginning during this hiatus, including sketchbook art and more. After all, you guys want a reason to stay attached to me like lampreys once Weapon Brown finally wraps, right?

So, I hope this does not disappoint too many fans, and please believe me that this is only a vacation. When Chuck returns, you will (in the words of another famous Mr. Brown) see some serious shit.

Please also take this time to join my mailing list! You will be alerted the moment Chuck returns, and as the recent Easter Egg hunt proved, being on the list gets you goodies you will wish you’d gotten later!

Neace out, Piggers!