The handsome website Newsarama has posted an interview with me that, if you were truly loyal, you’d have seen by now. Read it or you don’t love me!!


So Paul Krugman is calling it a depression, not a recession. I have been saying this for a while now. I think the giveaway was when they gave the recession a name–  the “Great Recession”. Who the hell names a recession? It’s like naming a thunderstorm! “They may be having trouble with Hurricane Igor down in Cuba, but Thunderstorm Dabney is set to drop up to half an inch of rain on today’s Dingus Day parade. Today, we are all Cubans.”

Recessions don’t get names! And you would only call something a “Great Recession” if you were trying to water down the real meaning of the word “great”. Usually greatness bumps what it is modifying into a new category. Calling the depression the Great Recession was a ham-fisted way of trying to keep it earthbound. You can just see the fingerprints of the Wall Street fucks who gave us this calamity all over that name; a little preemptive branding before the culture could come up with an accurate descriptor. Kind of like calling the Gulf Oil Spill  “Obama’s Katrina” instead of “BP’s Chernobyl.” For that matter, why aren’t we calling it that? “Gulf Oil Spill”? That’s a little tame at this point I should think. Any better suggestions?


I received an e-mail today with the subject “Two Cocks in One Ass”. The sender, apparently, was me, since the reply address was “”.

I mention this only because I actually considered visiting the site. This is the kind of e-mail I would send to myself, afterall. In fact, I was kind of disappointed that I hadn’t done this for me.