Fans of Deep Fried, Clarissa, Weapon Brown and the rest of my creations can now help keep these projects growing and get lots of cool bonus content in the process! now features members-only categories for people interested in exclusive content that will make the rest of the world jelly as hell!

Your subscription is administered by PayPal, through a monthly recurring fee deducted from your debit card, credit card or PayPal account. The first month’s fee is charged immediately upon purchase, and then again every 30 days for as long as you maintain your subscription.

Once you have purchased a subscription I will send you a unique password that will unlock all the content in your tier (linked in the left sidebar). You will be able to view that material at any time in the archive and below the comic on the homepage. You can cancel your subscription through PayPal whenever you wish.

Now let’s see what you get!

Gold Subscription Level–$5.00/mo

  •  AT LONG LAST: New Clarissa comic strips!

  • A digital copy of each new comic book I create as I publish them
  • Cheesecake! Once a week I will post a saucy, hi-rez drawing of something cute and nekkid. Subscriber requests will be entertained!
  • My backstage blog about my in-development projects such as Weapon Brown: Aftershock, Kobayashi Maru and other sneaky things, including sketchbook and work-in-progress artwork
  • Sign-Up Bonus: The Deep Fried digital library! You will receive Deep Fried volumes 1 and 2 in pdf or cbr format, as well as all current issues of Deep Fried: The Hero’s Journey.

Platinum Subscription Level–$50.00/mo

(9/10 remaining)

Everything at the Gold level, plus:

  • Custom art! Each subscriber at this level will be able to request one custom drawing (pen&ink on Bristol) per month. Hi-rez versions of the art will be available to all, and each subscriber will be mailed the original 9×12, b&w artwork of the drawing they requested. (Shipping within the United States included, international shipping extra).

    Drawings will be single characters with no background, and will be colored digitally. You may request art of any popular or custom character. Nudity is always fine, although I may politely decline certain sexually explicit requests.

  • Second helping! One subscriber per month will be chosen to receive one of the Gold level cheesecake drawings of my choosing.
  • Sign-Up Bonus: Digital editions of Deep Fried volumes 1 and 2 and all issues of Deep Fried: The Hero’s Journey in pdf or cbr format, the digital edition of the Weapon Brown graphic novel, signed print copies of PEEK! #1 and #2, and a signed print copy of the Weapon Brown graphic novel. (Shipping within the United States included, international shipping extra).

Thank you for supporting and for keeping the Internet strange!