The apocalyptic Last War has turned the world to cinders… the world of the comics page.

The survivors make their way as best they can, with no regard for human decency. But when a chance to start the world over falls into the hands of Chuck, the wasteland’s bitterest citizen, this cold-hearted killing machine must decide if he doesn’t prefer things just the way they are.

The stars of history’s most beloved comic strips have been cast into the lowest depths of hell, and the future is no place for the wishy-washy.

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Chuck is the hard bitten, hard hittin’ star of Weapon Brown. Transformed from a pathetic refugee into a cyborg super soldier by the nefarious Syndicate, Chuck now wanders the wastelands as a gun-for-hire. He is haunted by the death of his beloved Red-Haired Girl, and has only one friend, his loyal mutt Snoop.






Tougher than nails, meaner than ol’ King Kong and cute as a button! Snoop is Chuck’s best friend and faithful sidekick. Threaten Chuck and Snoop will be on your balls like a bear trap.




The leader of the Syndicate (the brutal remnants of the fallen government), Chairman Horns is a jargon-spouting misanthrope. When he learns that Chuck may possess the secret to the Syndicate’s longevity, he hatches a calamitous scheme to claim his prize.




Anne is the feisty commander of a heroic band of survivors hoping to save the world. Though blind, she is the unquestioned leader of her secret circle, and may have more up her sleeve than a fresh start for her people.





Anne’s right arm and leader of the rebels’ security team, “X” doesn’t take shit off of anyone, especially Chuck, who can’t help rubbing him the wrong way. He hails from the Boonies, one of the wastelands only free settlements.






With a face only the word’s ugliest mother could love, Pops is Anne’s loyal enforcer and your best friend if you’re on the up and square. Hobbies include smoking spinach and swimmin’ with bow-legged wimmen.






King is the tyrannical ruler of “Id”, a claustrophobic supermax prison. His skullcap is bolted to his head, but may be removed for therapeutic brain-surgery sessions conducted by his guru, Id’s diabolical “wizard”.





One of the Syndicate’s sector barons, the Duke is a drug-addled hedonist with a fondness for indulging in life’s pleasures whenever he feels like it.




Hildy is a grotesque yet helpful member of Anne’s crew. Though hard to understand, when she speaks, Anne listens.






When taking on Chuck proves too much for the Syndicate’s regular soldiers, CAL is called into service after years spent in punitive deep freeze. Will he be the Syndicate’s ace-in-the-hole, or have they bitten off more than they can chew? Speaking of which, what does a grown man need with a stuffed toy tiger?