Weapon Brown: Aftershock (The Little Red Edition)


168 pages/black, white and red

You thought it was over! IT AIN’TS!

It’s been years since Weapon Brown hit the road for parts unknown, and now a mysterious desert prophet has wandered into the dusty outpost of Dogpatch to spoon out some harsh medicine and to listen to the stories the residents have to share about the wasteland’s famous one-armed army of one. Old friends return to share secrets of Chuck’s past, and the revelations will lead to an unexpected reckoning!

Aftershock is 168 pages of action and surprises, featuring pinups, annotations and sketchbook material. And the Little Red edition is more special yet! This first printing of Aftershock is colored in black and white with spot reds, and will never be printed in this format again!

The Little Red edition is limited to 1000 units, each signed and numbered. A guaranteed collector’s item and one hell of a read!

(And there’s a digital version, too!)