April 29th, a day that will live in funfamy! That’s a neologism, folks! A mash-up of “fun” and “infamy”! For what better way to describe the cinematic perplexity that is 1974’s sci-fi classic Zardoz?

Buffalo’s North Park Theatre played host to me and my wily shenanigans this past Sarurday as I hosted Zardoz, (because hey, why not?) Family, friends, fans and a few anonymous victims turned up and provided a pretty decent crowd for this film. I donned an Egyptian klaft and did a little song and dance before the show, forever cementing my legacy as Buffalo’s premier showman! (Take a knee, Lance Diamond.)

Here are a few moments from the big night. Thanks again to everyone who came out!

Even the original run of Zardoz did not rate a poster this awesome!


Your host, in full 2293 garb!


Zardoz is everywhere!


Zardoz is everything!!




And now, the moment you have all been waiting for: instructions from Zardoz on how to enjoy Zardoz. I created this cartoon (which ran before the movie) as a spoonful of sugar for the audience. It is rich in irony, and most satirical.