I recently checked my site stats to see exactly what percentage of my website’s hits are coming from customers for black market shoes (thanks to the hacker attacks that colonize my website server every month or so), and in so doing discovered possibly the funniest thing ever: the search terms that are bringing the majority of traffic to my website.

Without further ado, here are the top ten searches that bring people to Whatisdeepfried.com!

10) Gut Punch
9) Schrodinger’s Emoticon
8) FTM Breasts Comic
7) Charlie Brown Porn
6) Psylocke Suck Huge Dick
5) Anime Big Dick
4) Posion Ivy Blowjob
3) www. What Shop Hot Video
2) A Boy Catching Girl Anus

And the number one search term putting food on my plate:

1) Jason Tundplutt!