BUFFALO! The name of New York’s greatest city evokes a smelly, fur-covered beast, and this past weekend you could have stood shoulder to shoulder with dozens of comic fans who met that exact description at the glorious Buffalo Comicon! Yes, furries, Furiosas and fur-REEKS of all kinds stopped taking their meds and gathered at the Buffalo-Niagara Convention Center to tell the world that they will not be silent! (And also that, sorry, they had spent all their money but did I have a business card they could take?)

The Buffalo News had a buffet of weirdos to choose from to illustrate their Sunday coverage of the show, but guess who took home the gold??
Lego Superman stopped by my table to promote the DVD release of Lego Man of Steel. He also went on and on about how inferior Bristle Blocks are.
This man is NOT in costume. This man is the future. ISIS, I am now giving your agenda a second look.
Nux from Fury Road was envious that I didn’t puss out and wear a poorly glued-down bald cap to the ball.  You hit like a girl, Nux!
So do you, She-Nux! (Okay… I… I’m ready for an ambulance now.)
Are you a man or a moose?? That is what I asked Man-Moose several times. He just shook his head, as if I were not ready for the truth.
Italian Spider-Man for the win! Your prize? A bar of soap!
I knew that rural dentistry in this country was in crisis, but yeesh!
At the Buffalo Comicon, The hairless were ever at the mercy of furry toughs. But how did they know that I shave my crotch?
You never know where those Duck Dynasty guys will turn up!
“I don’t know…what did the three mechanical fingers say to the face?”
You know Mr. Abrams, I’m really not down with your new stormtrooper design.
On the left, my nephew. On the right, A COMPLETELY UNRELATED CHILD who was at the show at the same time. In the middle: my brother, seriously regretting his college-age sperm donation spree.
…And they vote.
A swing and a miss! What are you, blind??
“Administer your justice m’lord, but the White Walkers have returned!!”
Hello little girl! And how much do you hate Donald Trump?
Sir, I don’t care how you rationalize it: whiteface is still highly offensive to clowns, even in Obama’s America.
Dose eyes! This Deadpool really had me cracking up. Ryan Reynolds in the Deadpool trailer? Not so much.
How great is it that we have come so far in this country that NO ONE sees this as racist? God Bless Nerdmerica!

Thanks muchly to Nigel Carrington, Howard Cadmus and my other buds who made the convention great, and especially comic pimp Emil Novak, who put the show together. I’d also like to thank Square, the credit card service, for creating a swipe-device that can accept chicken wings as payments.