A new Monday has come and with it, new priorities for the remainder of the year. If you recall, I laid out some New Year’s Resolutions a while back, promising to keep the entertainment flowing even as Chuck’s epic saga drew to its conclusion, so let me revisit that itinereary and let you know what that means for you, the everyblockhead.

In the first case there is the matter of Weapon Brown itself. We are now in the “epilogue” phase of the story, but there is still a healthy portion  of grist left, and I have decided it is in everyone’s interest to stretch this out a bit. Convention season is upon me, and I need some extra time over the next two months to turn out some naked drawings of Jean Grey and Korra to sell to the few remaining fanboys that haven’t gone “brony” yet.

So, starting next week and for the remainder of the summer, Weapon Brown will go to a once-a-week schedule. This will allow the story to extend a bit longer, and make it much easier for me to backlog the material that will follow Weapon Brown as the regular feature on Whatisdeepfried.com once Blockhead’s War is over.

(And by the way, if you think I haven’t been cooking up some “Before” Weapon Brown” stories, you are crazy in the brain pan).

In the meantime, I will tantalize you by posting the artwork I produce for the shows. Let’s look at one now, shall we?


(That’s Spider Jerusalem, for you unhipsters. I will soon reboot this drawing with a new costume and with Martin Sheen in the role of Uncle Ben.)

My summer  agenda will also give me a chance to get the ball rolling on the long-awaited second trade paperback of Deep Fried, featuring the new Clarissa story. I want that wrapped and ready to go before the end of the year, and this will help me do it. By the way, the animated Stuffed Friend film has premiered in Germany, leading to a magical spike in suicides! I can’t show it to you, as the creators don’t want it publicly distributed in advance of it making the rounds of the festival circuit, but I can testify to its niftyness. Here are a few screen grabs:

Poor Floopsy. I really feel for him. Clarissa is pretty numb at this point.

I hope the temporary ramp-down in Weapon Brown updates will not break too many hearts. It is all for my greater glory, so quit bitching and bow down and worship me!!