So, it’s come to this people. The Great Weapon Brown Art Sale has been hovering on the brink of completion for months now; my stated goal of raising $1000.00 so close to realization I could practically read the deposit on my bank statement. But then… something changed. I don’t know what. It is as if you, my beloved and loyal fans, ├é┬árealized my approaching joy and withdrew the crack cocaine of your generosity. You realized that you could squeeze me for more, and damn it, you are right.

So, in order to show that I am ever your bitch, I have created an incentive to push the sale past the finish line, through the hoop and over the uprights. Inspired by this anonymous piece of fan art portraying Clarissa as a ragin’ Red Lantern, I have painted an awesome homage to Green Lantern-and-friends, featuring your favorite Deep Fried stars! And get happy, ‘cuz one of you is going to frikkin’ own it.


I have decided to wrap the GWBAS on August 31st, and to salute you wonderful fans, I will be awarding this artwork free to one lucky customer (chosen at random) who buys a piece of original Weapon Brown artwork between now and the sale’s conclusion.

I should also remind you that, although you will still be able to buy my art, the Weapon Brown pages will never be this cheap again. At shows I usually sell my artwork for a minimum of $50.00, and there are many quality pieces available now for well below that. In addition, I have just posted a raft of new pages up to and including Crankshaft’s awesome bus, so now is the time to scratch your itch!

I am so grateful to everyone who has bought some artwork already, and I can’t wait to send this cool watercolor painting to one of you and then see what it fetches on E-Bay, so check out the art sale, see which pages you can’t live without, and we’ll end this effort in style.