So, like me you automatically assumed that the terrorist attack in Norway was their 9/11, and you began rethinking your whole “nuking Mecca doesn’t solve anything” stance. Now we learn that it is actually Norway’s Oklahoma City, and you are secretly rubbing your hands with glee because you think that this is somehow an indictment of Sarah Palin.

(I am not the only one who feels this way, people! Stop pretending I didn’t just describe you and go wash your hands.)

So, I want to apologize to the mussulman world for automatically assuming that every psychotic act of blood-drenched vandalism is your fault. I also want to apologize to Norway for taking any satisfaction, even for one mean little second, from this horrible event. Longtime Blockhead Cathrine “Catya” Alvheim is a Norwegian, and so was my first pen-pal Lindis when I was a kid. So this double sucks.

However, we must not simply ignore the implications of this outrage. We are at war with the right-wing Christian world now. That means no letting them build any megachurches near ground Ground Zero. And we need a Constitutional Amendment to prevent the teaching of Christian Law in our schools. (Oh wait, we already have that? Okay, good. That was some good foreward thinking, Thomas Jefferson.)

And while I am a tolerant man, I am not prepared to bottle my rage over this. We’ve seen that mere wars do not sway these sorts of radicals. Extreme as it sounds, I think it may just be time to nuke… um wait, where did Anders Behring Breivik come from again?

Oh yeah. Norway. Time to nuke Norway!