The always upsetting 3-D Beepo wended his way to the San Diego Comicon a short while ago and, after slipping out of his ankle monitor, managed to make his way inside to take these photographs (or, as the District Attorney calls them, “Exhibit A”).

Beepo meets his evil opposite from another universe! Thank God he didn’t make the choices that led him down that road!
No no. Beepo’s sick fetish is for Strawberry Shortstack.    

Well, maybe just one hump…

I’m sure Beepo was only asking them how he can turn their products into useful items like fiber and lamp oil.
Roadkill is obviously home as well.
Beepo with a prop from the upcoming holiday blockbuster “XBox 360 Licensing Deal the Motion Picture”.
That’s what you get for breaking character, fucker!
You know what would have been cool? If you’d posed like Han Solo frozen in carbonite? Because you are already pretending to be trapped? And Boba Fett is right over your shoulder? Just sayin’ it would have been cool is all.








































































































Thanks, 3-D. Your bail money is in the mail.