As the August 30th return of Weapon Brown draws nearer, I find that even I cannot endure his absence much longer. So, I am inviting any artistic Blockheads out there to contribute a cartoon for  a week of Weapon Brown guest strips!

I would like to run 5-7 days worth of guest strips starting Monday, August 23rd, a week prior Chuck’s triumphant return. They can be in any style, but should be self-contained and not related to the ongoing storyline. Just one-off’s taking place in the Weapon Brown universe starring Chuck or any of the other characters. Goofy? Gritty? Your choice!

If you’ve got what it takes, please e-mail me some lo-rez samples of your pre-existent work for me to look at. I will contact those I choose to participate with directions for size, resolution, etc. The unchosen will have the choice to eat shit and/or die.