Easter is upon us, and though we will soon be fighting for our lives as zombie messiahs rise from the dead and force us to drink their curdled blood and devour their fetid flesh, still there is hope for some joy in this season of nightmares.

For once upon a time, Spring was the time of renewal and hope! And it is in that pagan spirit and in the name of blessed Baal that I announce the upcoming Deep Fried Easter Egg Hunt!

Details will soon follow, but I will tell you now that this event is both free and packed with goodies! The only condition for getting in on the joy is that you must be signed up to the Deep Fried Mailing List.  This is one of those special events I have sometimes teased my elite fans with, and if you were signed up you could already be looking down your nose at your peers!

This fun event is a “thank you” from me to all the people who keep this enterprise called Whatisdeepfried.com going.Simply sign up for the Deep Fried mailing list and a bounty of Easter thrills awaits you!