There is a big comic show coming up in Chicago called C2E2, running from April 16-18 . I am trying to see if it is feasible for me to attend, and right now the only impediment is my being able to move my show materials around, since the show is at the McCormick Place convention center and I am most likely going to be staying at the downtown HoJo.

So, if there are any drooling ChiTown fans out there who would like to show how much they truly love me, I have just the thing! I am still scheming my schemes, but I will either need:

A) Someone who I can ship my show materials to who could then bring them to me at McCormick Place, either Thursday April 15th or Friday April 16th (I haven’t made my travel arrangements yet), OR

B)Someone who can pick me up at Union Station that Thursday or Friday and take me to McCormick place from there, providing I could bring my materials with me by train (which is my planned means of getting to Chicago).

In return, you will receive fuck all! You should be honored just to serve me! a complimentary Exhibitor Badge which will give you access to the show for the whole weekend, or a few bucks for your trouble, whichever you want most. You could even serve as my table slave if you were really committed.

Anyone who thinks they would be interested can respond here or drop me an e-mail. Thanks in advance to the thousands of people who I know have been waiting for this opportunity!

Update: Looks like I have found my Messiah! But I want the rest of you on call just in case.