Many were the participants in the 2010 Easter Egg Hunt, but only some could be the winners, and therefor better in every way than the others! The names have been tallied and those victorious aristocrats have shown their quality!

No use crying over spilled eggs! All those who did not win will form the lowest caste of my new order! Kneel, then, before the new Masters of the Universe, your OVERLORDS!


Jay Sandora, who found the Cracked Egg and the Brown Egg, and who receives a copy of Deep Fried vol. 2 #1 AND a copy of Weapon Brown!


Robert Thompson, who found the Striped Egg and the Rotten Egg, and gets a Weapon Brown T-shirt and copies of Deep Fried vol. 1 #3 and #4!



Catherine Alvheim, who found the Faberge Egg and the Golden Egg, and gets a Purrfect Crime print and a piece of original art!


T. Nathan Roane, who found the Nawty Egg and the Gothy Egg, and gets A Bottoms Up print and a Tango De La Muerte print!


Adam Jackson, who found the Fried Egg, and gets a copy of The Great Taste of Deep Fried!


O’dell Hicks (or is it Hudson? I just know he wants out of this chicken shit outfit…), who found the Dinosaur Egg, and gets a rare copy of Suicide Note #2!


“Earl”, who found the Hen Grenade, and gets copies of Blockhead’s War #1 and #2!


Jim Otermat, who found the Nana Egg, and gets a cool Nana T-shirt!

Thanks again to everyone who joined in. Any non-winners who wish to escape their duties mining salt with a toothpick should hustle over to my store and buy some of the prizes you would otherwise have won!