The CAL-V.1N T-shirt Drive, which at times looked like it might crash and burn like the very economy it was flying in the face of, has succeeded, and then some! A last minute spurt of orders pushed me over the top, which guarantees that there will be T-shirts for this generation and the next.

So first, let me thank Eywa, the great mother spirit whose life forces courses through us all. But in the runner-up position is all of you put the green in my pocket and enabled me to plop a new product in my store. Thanks!

These pre-order drives are really essential for keeping the strip going, too. The time-to-profit ratio involved in putting this strip out every week would make a plantation slave look like Warren Buffet. Things like the T-shirts and Megaton Packs are what enable me to fund my convention appearances and keep me in the public eye. Without help from you guys, I wouldn’t have the money I need to have products ready in time or my shows. So, give yourelves a pat on the back!

And now, the moment you have endured the last three paragraphs for! Using my MIT-designed random luckiness generator, I am happy to announce that the winner of the free piece of artwork that I promised to one lucky customer is: Rene Castellano of Chicago Illinois!

Congratulations Rene! And as for you disappointed and angry customers, please feel free to contact me for Rene’s home address.

The T-shirts will be ordered this week and shipped out as soon as I receive them from the printer. Keep watching your mailbox!

Are you watching? If you are reading this you aren’t watching. Watch your goddamn mailbox!!!