Good news! I have just received my long anticipated copies of Blockhead’s War #2! These will be dropped in the mail next week, and into your recycle bins the week after! Always recycle my hard work, people.

In other news, here’s something i grabbed off of CNN just a moment ago:

The confluence of the two highlighted stories is what caught my eye. First, I’m glad to learn that Weird Al is still “weird”. I’ve never before spared a thought that Al’s weirdness might be a temporary condition. But the fact that CNN thought an update was required has shaken my faith a bit. Is Plain Vanilla Al Yankovich even possible?

I realized why CNN felt the need to reaffrim Al’s cred when I read the headline above his. In what universe does a guy whose claim to fame is inventing parodies that juxtapose pop songs with foodstuffs actually qualify as weirder than a 40 year old chick with an imaginary Y chromosome for a best friend?

Speaking of Y chromosomes, anybody with a real one will almost certainly enjoy this YouTube clip by Deep Fried customer Peter Podgursky, and starring the Weapon Brown T-shirt!