Oh, come on! How many people can steal-ish my idea this week before I get a lick off the fame sausage?

This Sin City-style parody of Charlie Brown arrived six times in my inbox this morning. Fucking MTV’s website covered it! Did they send a crew to my house to investigate my years of labor to build a career off the same joke? NOOOOOO!


Not bitter.

UPDATE: Jen Contino on the controversy!

UPDATE 2- CORRECTIVE BOOGALOO: I think I may have thrown a match on an oily rag, so let me snuff it out. My suggestion that the artist for Schulz City swiped my idea was purely meant tongue in cheek. I doubt he has ever seen Weapon Brown, and don’t believe he in anyway has copied it.

I was only expressing a little rassal-frassin’ over the fact that, this week at least, it is someone else’s Charlie Brown spoof that the world is in love with. But I don’t need the world! My loyal fans are enough. Mwah!!