Over at PvPonline.com, Scott Kurtz is doing a very funny parody of the Watchmen using classic comic strip characters, called The Ombusmen. Ahem, Scott? How about some props for the guy who has been doing a gag vaguely similar to that for a couple years now? Yes, I do own the trademark on lampooning comic strip characters. Call the patent office if you don’t believe me.

Yesterday’s strip featured this panel:

That’s a spoof of the Comedian’s badge which, as luck would have it, I have the actual materials to replicate!


Yes, that is the Weapon Brown badge I have been including with some of my bundles for a while now, Kurtzed-up for effect. Ain’t it funny how life imitates art imitating art?

If this certain-to-expire-in-15-seconds meme appeals to any of you, I will include one of these customized Blockhead badges in any order of my products that are clocked before the end of the day on Friday. Make sure that if you order Weapon Brown or Blockhead’s War in order to take advantage of this that you order it directly from me and not from the Indy Planet option in my store (only products I ship personally can have stuff added in).