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Clarissa: The Revengining

A Clarissa thread on 4Chan has yielded some intriguing new fan art, which has only further incentivized me to finish my new Clarissa story for the next edition of Deep Fried #4. Stare if you dare! WARNING: Some of these pictures are “please God NO!”¬†appalling. NSFW or anywhere.


  1. Tea

    Perfect end. C:.

  2. flabajaba

    And it’s amazing the thread lasted long enough to be linked to.

  3. Jody

    Good heavens.

  4. Derf

    But its great to see sgt hatred kicking some ass.

  5. Beepo the Clown

    Should post the other two pictures from that thread!

  6. Whovian

    I hate to say it, but even Deep Fried Fan Art isn’t worth a visit to 4chan. A visit to hell, yes, but not 4chan. 4chan is where demons go when they die.

  7. sprent2922

    Nah, Whovian. /co/ is an okay board. just avoid /b/.

  8. MegaHentai

    Didn’t get to the 4chan thread before it disappeared, but were these pics part of it?

  9. JY

    Jesus– and I thought I was wasting my life.

  10. Adam

    Thread 404’d didn’t find it. It wasn’t posted on /b/ was it? Anything posted there 404s within a day at most. and Whovian, I browse /b/ every day. it’s supposed to be the worst board on there, but it ain’t shit as long as you take a bucket with you to vomit into.

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