When I return from a hiatus a return with a vengeance! The next issue of Weapon Brown is approaching like an earth-killing asteroid, and only those who don’t pray for its celestial favor will be spared (don’t ask me, ask the Mayans).

In other words, I need me some fan mail to print! All epistles of praise and extreme praise will be welcome, but I’ll even accept modest criticism from those stinky retards who aren’t afraid to get a little in return. E-mail me and don’t dawdle! Letters page fame is the only enduring fame!

I am extending the offer for  the Deep Fried #4 Fan Appreciation Issue one more month, until September 30th. For several weeks in August IndyPlanet, the printer that is handling the orders, was plagued by glitches courtesy of Chinese cyber-hooligans (that’s right, it’s alllll China’s fault). Consequently, a few people who tried to order this issue were viciously 404’d. But I want all who want this collectible issue to have it, so keep ordering until it works out!