Author’s note: This strip marked the end of my weekly political comic, which had for years run in several weekly papers as well as on my website, an enterprise I had tried to put a stop to once before in 2005 when Dum Dum was reelected. I had finally burned out on the nonsense and noise of politics, and I felt like I had done all I “could do” with my weekly illustrated rant (if the concept itself isn’t ridiculous). But the muse, she came calling and I began the strip anew in 2006, this time intending to keep well clear of politics. As usual, that proved impossible. And as usual, it sucked me dry me like an 800-lb deer tick.

And so my comic begins yet again in 2007. Will I once again drift into the morass of editorial masturbation? Nope! Never! Done with it for good, and I mean DONE!

(By the way, we’re not still engaged in a suicide war to rob the Middle East of the one natural resource they’d be insane to ever let us take away from them, are we?)