Meet Zed-7, a character I tried to get into MAD magazine, only to be shot down because they already had an ongoing  time travel cartoon! But I’m still here, and MAD has been thrown on the ash heap of history alongside other forgotten magazines like Puke and Snot and Ash Heap. Who’s laughing now??

Anyway, I hope you like Zed. If you do, I may do more Zed-7 strips in the future. (Which will be his past, of course.)

But milk this strip for all its worth! I will have some surprise Weapon Brown content for you next week, but then I am taking the rest of November off!

Well, not “off” exactly. I just have a hell of a lot of work left to do on Aftershock if I am going to get it out before the end of the year, so I really have to knuckle down and finish it. That means the weekly strip will be on hiatus until I am done. But rest assured that I will come roaring back in December with new content! (Join the darn mailing list already and you’ll know exactly when!)

Happy Thanksgiving! Don’t let any Clarissas or MAGA uncles ruin your family fun!

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