At last, the “Costume Drama” storyline is in the bag! I offer a  big “thank you” to all the people who have contacted me telling me to hurry up and get this done… I’m always pleased to know that I have anxious fans!

I plan to have the print edition of this story (which is the second chapter of Deep Fried: The Hero’s Journey) for sale as soon as possible. In the meantime, please send your “fan mail” formatted fan mail to me at comic(at) so that I don’t have a dang blank page in the book, consarnit! (BTW, fan mail is always more appreciated when it references Deep Fried and its storylines, not my work in general or my hygiene. Just, y’know, letting you know.)

A couple of weeks past the New Year is longer than I wanted to take completing this storyline, but its still pretty good considering my usual update habits. But now it is 2018! So much awaits us! A terrible Han Solo movie and an ugly and overlong election season will surely be the high points of the coming year, but I would also like to make 2018 the year I bring as many new products to market as possible!

First, however I intend to bring an old product back to market! For many months customer demand has been high for more print edition of Weapon Brown, which has been sold out for most of a year. I intend to satisfy this by running a new Kickstarter in February, and I hope I can get as many of you as possible  to help out and spread the word when this launches on February 5th. Not only will this mean more copies of the Weapon Brown graphic novel for the world, but if all goes well, a whole NEW Weapon Brown product will come out of this: an epilogue to the main story that I am calling Weapon Brown: Aftershock. If you’ve always wanted one more hit off the Weapon Brown bong, your dreams may be about to come true!

There is also the next issue of PEEK! to get stoked for, as well as the conclusion to the first arc of Kobayashi Maru and what I hope will be its bright-but-dark future in comic shops. I will introduce all these ventures as they take shape.

Naturally, I will also be  bringing you new weekly comics! Next week begins the first of several installments of my revolting auto-bio strip “Jason’s Creamy Filling”. This will run for a bit while I rev the engine for my Kickstarter and get the next issue of Deep Fried formatted. See you in seven!