I’d like to offer a big “thank you” to every visitor to who has helped make the Kickstarter campaign for Peek! a success! The funding goal of $8000.00 has been met, and with still a week to go, there are stretch goals that may yet be reached!

Happy days are here again!It’s always perilous running these campaigns. It takes a lot of sweat, brews up a lot of stomach acid, and in the end, you are basically shaking your tin cup in front of the same handful of people for 30 straight days. I’m not surprised if it gets annoying to some, especially those who want to know why they ain’t gettin’ the Deep Fried updates that they come here for in the first place!

Nevertheless, you guys have come through for me! You’ve also done yourselves a favor as well, because Peek! is going to look awesome and be packed with the sort of rude shit you know only I can provide! I am grateful always to know that there are people out there who want that.

What’s Next?

Next week, as the campaign draws to its close on Friday, I will be posting some more cartoons from Peek! (M,W,F). I will also be submitting these as links on Reddit, and I hope when I post those links you will help me get some attention by going to Reddit and upvoting them. This will hopefully drive more traffic to my campaign (plus, will you get to read some of those funny, awful cartoons that this effort is all about).

And after next week, once I have slept off my absinthe hangover and have kicked all the hookers to the curb, Deep Fried will be back in business with new cartoons on June 8th. See you then!