Peeking is believing!

Rejoice! Rejoice! You have no choice!! The Peek! Kickstarter has begun!

“What the ever-loving monkeyhell is ‘Peek!‘” you ask, using your most colorful language? It is the new comic book series I am trying to get off the ground that will feature all sorts of new, awful humor, starting with the brand new Clarissa story I have been promising for eternity3!

Unbeknownst to you, I made the decision last year that the Deep Fried comic book will focus exclusively on the Beepo and Roadkill stories. This means that I need a new place to put my assorted humor, and Peek! will be that place–a homeland for cast-off comedy!

My plan is to publish Peek! annually, and bring in other cartoonists to collaborate with as well. But that can’t happen until the first issue squeezes through Kickstarter’s birth canal, getting it’s humor slime all over you!  Please support this Kickstarter, and if it is not asking too much, TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW ABOUT IT 826 TIMES A DAY!!!