I’d like to thank all the geeks, freaks and Greeks who came to see me at the Buffalo Comicon this past Sunday. My sales were great, my patter was snappy and my iPad successfully phished the Social Security numbers of everyone who paid with a credit card. That’s what I call a helluva show!

As usual, however, I managed to make my fair share of enemies. I don’t know how I keep getting on these peoples’ bad sides. I guess when you ask a cosplayer “So, does that anti-gay wedding cake law in Indiana apply to you queermos too?”, you may rub a nerve!


“Captain America? Not MY ‘Murica, hairbag! Drinkin’ a Jamba Juice with a protein boost don’t make you any kinda super soldier I’d ever salute! Why, I bet your punch couldn’t dent a marshmallow… OOF!”


“Oh, hello Oscar Award! Shouldn’t you be on Richard Linklater’s mantle? You would be if your recognized talent, you shiny fraud! OWWW!” 


From left to right: The Masked Muscovite, Super Don’t-Give-No-Fucks Man, Strongbad and Gotye. 


“Wait, let me guess: Michaelangelo. No? Lemonjello? Portabello? (Look, I don’t know which one of you mutant turnips fights with hotdogs, but either way your movie sucked.”) 

And that’s a wrap (mmm… I could go for a wrap right now!). Hey, be sure to visit Sweet Jenny’s/1811 Comics, the best candy shop/comic store ever to give me more free chocolate dipped pretzels than I could ever eat! I actually shared some!