If you have been wondering when the hell the next installment of Deep Fried will drop, I have been wondering myself! As usual, you can blame my other cartoon projects for delaying your enjoyment of the greatest web strip ever to go so long without a single award!

The good news, however, is the imminent arrival of the Kickstarter that will, with the help of almighty Satan, fund the publication of Peek no. The First!

Formerly titled “Suicide Note #3”, this deluxe format mini became it’s own entity as I developed it, and so it seemed appropriate that it should have its own name. Peek will be loaded with the best kind of funny badness, all leading to its raison d’etre, the premier of Clarissa’s new story ,”Take Me to Work Day”. And it will be MC’d by your favorite of my third tier creations, the Peeker himself!


I should be ready to announce the Kickstarter in about two weeks, so start warming up your credit cards!

In the meantime, if you have forgotten how awful my voice sounds in interviews, I’ve a new one for you. courtesy of Jeremy Fein and the HunnicoutCast.