Welcome back, both of you! What do you think of the new paint job?  My Pablo Ferro-inspired re-design is thrusting Whatisdeepfried.com into a brand new century: The 20th!

You will notice a few improvements apart from the desaturation of the overall color scheme. Deep Fried, Weapon Brown and Clarissa now have their own dedicated sections, complete with chapter separations. Also, I have now posted the entire collection of Clarissa cartoons that I stingily held back on while the rest of the Internet circulated them with glee. They are all yours to enjoy!

The website may have gone to black and white, but you will notice that the new Deep Fried strips are now in glorious, eye-scorching color! I hope you will enjoy reading the new adventures of Beepo, Roadkill and the other guy in the brilliant hues that will accentuate their new acts of misanthropy. As the title of this opening strip suggests, the gang (and the strip itself) is now leaving the safety of the skillet they have been sizzling in for years and entering the very fracking-fueled flames beneath.

Do not doubt my will to evil, fans. All the while I was working on Weapon Brown I was plotting the stories for Deep Fried that would be worth my time and night-sweats. With the Republicans back in control of Congress, the world has finally descended to the circle of Hell appropriate to my imagination.

So prepare to watch Beepo look for love in all the wrong places, for Roadkill to find new and more perfect targets for his acts of revenge, and for Squints to reinvent himself as the sellout that all idealists must someday become. And if you know what is good for you, you will clear your cache after every visit.

For now, the strip will update on Mondays while I finish my work on Suicide Note #3, which will be the subject of my next Kickstarter in February (new Clarissa story blahblahblah, I’ve said it so often now I’m sick to death of repeating it. It’s all on my platter now, trust me!). I am also laying out an agenda for 2015 that involves new comic book projects for fans of my adventure-themed work, and I hope to bring you more news on that as those schemes gel.

Meanwhile, enjoy the new cartoons as they emerge, and spread the word: Deep Fried is BACK!

Deep Fried.

The strip you… the strip at the top of the page.

Yes. That one. It’s back.

Fukkin’ Twitter it, bitch.