I saw this clip of John Oliver’s show (wait… when did he get a show? The durn world is changing’ on me!) having to do the the FCC’s upcoming decision on Net Neutrality rules. At the end of his segment, John reminds folks that they had better commit some of the energy we use to Tweet what a bitch Justin Bieber is towards letting the FCC know what the public thinks during the open comment period. I agree!

If you want the Internet to keep functioning the way it is, democratically, instead of being transformed into a corporate asset the way radio and television have become, make your voice heard! Because you better believe that the first thing we’ll lose when the telecoms make the rules is any easy way to challenge them.

(My own manifesto, submitted to the FCC, goes like this:)

The Internet has proven to be the most important democratizing force of the new century. It has bulldozed barriers to communication, commerce and creativity, and created a real and needed challenge to the ability of a moneyed few to control the American political discourse.

Net Neutrality is undeniably needed to prevent the pirating of this new commons, the Internet, which must be maintained in the manner that best serves the People, and not treated as a commodity unto itself for the benefit of an aggressive and undemocratic class of elites.