The New Year approaches, but I don’t want to say goodbye to 2013! When will I ever again have a year as triumphant as this one? I do not refer to my earthquake of a Kickstarter campaign but to the fact that I at last fixed the busted deadlatch on my basement door! Now the damn cat can’t get down there to pee in my laundry basket! On top of that, I also cooked up a novice caramel sauce for the first time that wasn’t half bad! 2013, you were all that was magic!

That fix-it job on my door also yielded an interesting bit of whimsy. When I unscrewed the plate from the door, what should fall out from behind it but the head of a safety pin and a little plastic googly eye! What the frig? Did someone stick those there just for the moment when a futurian like me would need to fix the doorknob? Was it a spur of the moment time capsule? Hmm… I may need to pay that forward. In the meantime, free googly eye!

Stare into my eye!!

This is the time of year where I make all the resolutions I will break as far as new projects and products you can expect from me in the new year. In 2013 my plans were grandiose indeed! As it turned out, preparing the Weapon Brown Kickstarter  swallowed up virtually every particle of my time. Even now, when I should be free of that beast, Weapon Brown continues to swall0w my every moment like a bulimic Galactus (please don’t call the simile cops on me). But with a fresh new googly eye I can stare into the future of 2014, and with no Mesoamerican prophecies to stand in my way I can now give you…


AGENDA 2014!!

Suicide Note #3

My very-occasional Deep Fried mini comic series will see another installment released this Spring featuring YES, AT LONG LAST, I’M NOT LYING TO YOU THIS TIME, SCOUT’S HONOR WITH FUKKIN’ NEEDLES IN MY  EYES the much anticipated new Clarissa story Take Me to Work Day. This will be the first printing of my new Clarissa story , so be prepared to jump on this item like a bulimic Galactus on a Milkbone when it is offered!

What's a few years delay between friends?

Deep Fried

This web site is called “What is Deep Fried (dotcom)”, right? So where’s the goddamn Deep Fried?! You can blame stupid, marketable Weapon Brown for the long absence of Beepo, Roadkill and Co., but they have always been on my mind, and they will, WITH ALLFATHER ODIN AS MY WITNESS, return in glory to this website by the summer. If anything my experience with Kickstarter (I mention that a lot, don’t I? What can I say? I’m gauche!) has shown me that there may be a future for the adventures of my tactless hellions after all!

I am planning to release the second volume of Deep Fried in a bound trade as I did with the first volume, so there may be a Kickstarter upcoming for that. But what I am most looking forward to are the new comics! A return dip in the cesspool of Deep Fried has always been my post-Weapon Brown goal, and my agenda includes new print and digital editions of the comic books which will (knock wood!) all be delivered in fruit-blasted COLOR!

The Garbagemen

Still bouncing around in my brain is this hoped-for project, a sarcastic action-mystery that takes shots at 90’s comics, the Hollywood superhero trend and post-9/11 America. I will be prepping for this during 2014, but it is not likely The Garbagemen will see print in the coming year. However, as my plans shape up I will keep you all in the loop! I still intend for this be my next adventure-style project to follow up Weapon Brown.

gmen_panelI ask you, does this not seem like a formula for a year of excellent time-frittering? I hope your own coming year is filled with as many half-baked schemes as mine! But oh, the ones I haven’t mentioned…! (Too soon, too soon. Still gotta buy the fertilizer…)