The Kickstarter is still chugging along at a brisk pace! I have already raised nearly $10,000 of my $12,5000 goal! If the winds blow right, I could even make my goal this week!

But if not, the sailing might get rougher. Most Kickstarters are hot right out of the gate and then lose steam after the initial funder enthusiasm wears off. There often is a second wind at the end, but of course, nothing in this effort is guranteed.

There is also the fact that my TRUE goal is $17,000. At that level I will be able to collect the entire Weapon Brown works into a single omnibus instead of splitting it into two volumes. That’s twice the book for my pledgers, and half the work for me, as I won’t have to run a second Kickstarter!

So, if you haven’t helped spread the word to everyone you know through your church bulletin, your phone tree or your knitting circle, what are you waiting for?

Dolores Crusteford of Minneapolis, New Mexico has even started an “electronic” newsletter wherein she mentions my Kickstarter campaign, as well as seven new ways to preserve quince in humid climates! Why not check it out?

“‘Weapon Brown’? Oh no, Mavis. I stopped reading that. Not enough fucking.”