At last! At last, after spending all day shoving my Kickstarter campaign in front of anybody on the Interweb with a gravatar to their name, I am finally able to pimp my work here, where my work is!

So here it is, my Kickstarter page to fund the printing of the Weapon Brown graphic novel! I have a host of awesome incentives for the peeps (not the least of which is the book itself, complete with bells and exactly 2.8 whistles), but I will be working all this month to make my mission a success. This is four years of effort all boiled down to one 30-day window. I am become madness itself!!

This week, owing to my last minutes preparations, I did not have time to create a Coffee Break cartoon. I should be on track for next week, but for  now, I am happy to premier the cornerstone of  my entire campaign: My Kickstarter video! I hope you enjoy it!