Wanna see something gross?


This is what comes of shaping the minds of the next generation, people! My irreplaceable right index finger got smashed under a table that I was adjusting at RIT a couple of weeks ago, and just today I got my SIX stitches taken out. Gnarly, huh? Man, I’m dying to pull off that dead chunk of nail! I’d probably wind up with the gangrene, though. Plus, it might queer my lawsuit. My lawyer calls this an Act of God, and we’re going after God for every last penny!

What could be less pleasant to experience than this photo? How about all the “ums” and “uhs” contained in my recent interview for the Moonhawk Studios Presents podcast? I can’t stand listening to my own voice, but you might enjoy learning everything one could ever want to know about the real me behind Deep Fried and Weapon Brown.

Time to go give my scabby pointer a tour of my nostril…