Those of you who lately have been wondering A) “Why the fargle has Jason been so skimpy with the blog posts lately ?”and B) “Who ate all my Sun Chips?” can finally cease your pondering. In no particular order, the answers are “Natalie’s brother Dino”, and “see below”.

Good thing Snoop carries his supper dish with him at all time.



These are stills from my nearly complete Weapon Brown animated commercial, the one that will grace my Kickstarter campaign for the Weapon Brown omnibus collection (hey, why not fund this campaign like I did?) I decided to get this project done, by hook or by crook, by the end of this month. And thanks to this blog post, I now probably won’t make my deadline. BUT YOU HAD TO KNOW, DIDN’T YOU??

Of course, if you were on my mailing list you would already have seen some of the animation on the YouTube. I keep telling you people that my mailing list Blockheads get frills that the common sheeple don’t. Must you keep resisting the call? The form is right underneath the comic strip every day…

If I do say so myself, the commercial is turning out damn fine. I recommend you all learn how to exploit a bootleg edition of After Effects and join the Internet revolution!