It arrived! The Epson GT-20000 wide format scanner that you made possible! Behold!

A scanner so big it can eat your head!!


Ain’t she something? I finally feel like a man! And the instructions assure me she can raster 1200 x 3600 pixeldots per scuzicycle! Whatever the fuck that means! All I knows is that my artworks don’t gots to be scanned in sections no mer’! Thanks, Blockheads!

Of course, the coming of Scanner Christ was presaged by the arrival of the T-shirts and comic books that were the substance of my recent pre-order sale, which you people also turned into a success! I am now ready for my next convention with a ton of inventory I won’t have to print up at the last minute. God bless you little Hoos! You’ve made my heart grow three sizes! Mwah!