Hear ye, hear ye! Can ye hear me in the back? Good! This is to announce that my trans-temporal beam-o-scope has completed it’s necessary 1000th oscillation, and  the Weapon Brown reboot will officially commence next Monday!

You long-time fans are about to feel like the chumps of the century, as hundreds, nay dozens of new fans pour into the site and are treated to Weapon Brown four times a week! But don’t think I have forgotten you “classic” Blockheads! ( I can’t forget you until I have all your money from the Pre-Order-Pocalypse!) So know that while Chuck will dominate this site Monday-Thursday, new Coffee Break cartoons will still arrive on Fridays, until they are replaced by the resuscitation of Deep Fried. And oh Lordy, if you guys thought you had seen the best of my worst, just you wait! Deep Fried will be crispier and oilier than ever, with dark and creepy shenanigans from Beepo, Roadkill and Squints that I shudder to think of. “NSFW” will soon mean “Not Safe For the World”!

Now fly! Fly, my monkeys! Tell the Princes and Potentates of the coming day of reckoning! Tweet the news to every Android in existence! Tweet! Tweeeeeeet!