God… My first week without a looming Weapon Brown deadline for me to ignore. I am feeling this intense sensation of euphoria and paranoia over it…!

Oh, wait… that’s from├é┬ásmoking my bong. Here–let me just put that away for the next fifteen five minutes.

What’s happening to me? I’ve never been a wake-and-baker! I mean, I should at least try it for a month (might give me some insights into Squints’ character), but I can’t be doing that now! Not with so many new responsibilities to take the place of the old!

Those of you who have actually returned this week (I would suppose my post-Blockhead’s War fan base can now be measured in the low teens) deserve a cartoonist who is on the ball and ready to jump right into the next stage of Internet amusement. I hope I can be that cartoonist! But we must let the slow-moving masses who haven’t read the final Weapon Brown strip arrive and be heartbroken, as you have been, so I will let this strip linger a bit longer. Coffee Break will begin on Wednesday, and I will have the schedule for the final issue of Blockhead’s War to give you then. Yay! I feel organized! Better celebrate with another hit…

By the way, thank you to all my new mailing list subscribers. If I’d have known that all it takes to harvest your valuable e-mails was to not publish Weapon Brown, I’d have cancelled it years ago!