Happy Cyber Black Monday, my strong brothers and sisters. I hope you are all taking power from whitey through one cutting blog post after another. Don’t be afraid to troll Amazon, neither! The revolution will not be retweeted!

But this Monday is blacker still for lack of a Weapon Brown update. And that agony will grow sharper still throughout this entire comic-less week; building and building, the pain like flaming razorblades being pulled through your arteries, until the pressure finally releases next week in the orgasmic gush of blood that will be the final installment of Blockhead’s War!!!

Phew. I need a cigarette.

Will tears be jerked? Will heartstrings be pulled? Is it personal this time? You will know soon! But I must say, the anticipation is killing me, too. This project, originally intended as a two-issue series, has grown into a four year-long monster, and it is only now that I realize how easy it would have been to form a suicide cult from my fan base. Sadly, that decision needed to have been made around issue four. There are a lot of logistics involved in acquiring arsenic and matching mauve jumpsuits that simply cannot be organized at the last minute.

And so my dreams of burning my name into history will have to be extended into my upcoming projects. I will give you all a nuanced update about the Whatisdeepfried.com of tomorrow when the last Weapon Brown strip hits, but let me extend this pre-conclusion “thank you” to you all for hanging around this long, and I think the conclusion will make you happy you did.