Romney’s out of the fate and fundraising fast! Yesterday these were all over the web. Today you will be lucky if you don’t find it dyed into your toilet paper! Behold, the 2011 Romney campaign slogo!

Mitt paid someone five years salary to create this.


Bear in mind this only his primary campaign slogo. Providing Mitt doesn’t post pictures of himself licking a turtle’s ass to his Wall and manages to cinch the nomination, he’s bound to come up with something slicker. He’s already boosting Obama’s gimmick of using one stylized letter as his graphic, so maybe his hook line will be one word as well, a la “Hope”.

“Loot” would be a good choice, with its double connotation for Romney’s wealth and the behavior of his class over the past few… centuries. Or for you South Park fans, perhaps “Dum-Dum-Dum-Dum-Dum” will ring true. Given the state of the American Dream these days, my vote would be for “Yoink!”