Here I am again. Work on the Weapon Brown commercial has begun in ernest, and  I am going to have some custom made music created for it and everything! One problem: My gritty, bad ass Chuck voice sounds like  Alvin the Chipmunk impersonating Cookie Monster. Is anyone here friends with someone on SEAL Team 6? I bet they would have the voice I am after– cold and hard as American steel, sharp as an eagle’s talon, and as expensive as a diamond-crusted space shuttle .

Speaking of our orbital battle fleet, we are approaching the end of an era. Just one more trip into outer space for the most potent symbol of  national pride ever invented, and then the shuttle program will sink beneath the waves, disappearing into legend. How fitting for my metaphor that the last shuttle to take flight will be the Atlantis. How… very… fitting.

This week I am drinking: tonic water striaght from the bottle. Mmm! The taste of hard liquor any time of the day!

I am taking a vacation at the end of the month to Europe, with a few days of debauchery in Paris. Providing that I don’t get eaten by rude Parisian bedbugs with unshaven pits at the hostel I am staying at, does anyone have any off-the-beaten-path sites to recommend to me?