Witchcraft, Aqua Buddhas… this campaign season has been like something torn out of J. K. Rolling’s Moleskine. But if you have been wondering  where the spirit will come from  from to roll back the Tea Bag tsunami, now estimated to yield 70+ seats for the Republicans in the Senate and one to six million House seats, the New York Gubernatorial campaign has brought forth our champion: Jimmy McMillan.

Man of the Year Jimmy McMillan

McMillan, a Vietnam vet and social activist has run long-shot campaigns for mayor of New York City and for governor against Mario Cuomo in 1994. He is now running for New York Governor on the “Rent is 2 Damn High” line. He has come to the public’s attention recently because of his impassioned (and hilarious) performance at the recent governor’s debate (wish I could find the complete video on line. If you can, send me a link), as well as the fact that he came off like Abraham Lincoln compared to the Republican’s official buffoon, Carl Paladino, who could barely sputter responses to simple yes/no questions about gay marriage and other sexy issues.

Visit McMillan’s website and you will realize that he is an earnest  man of the people, and probably bonkers. But he is the right kind of bonkers, and compared to what the establishment is running this year, he’s a breath of fresh New York City subway air. He’s got my vote.

Update: Jimmy McMillan is now a meme on the Internets! Woot!