Just to remind you fellows, my exclusive Gloom & Doom preorder sale ends this week. Your chance to own so much coolness, including comics, color sketches and exclusive Weapon Brown buttons will be gone, destroyed, turned to vapor by the end of the week! Don’t miss out! Please, I beg you!

I have also just added a new page to my Facebook armada: Weapon Brown’s Blockheads Pen Pals. This is themed as a fan page, where my updates will be in Chuck’s own voice and where your own input will structure its character. It is embryonic at the moment–no pictures or other whizbang. If this turns out to be a place that you people like to congregate, however,  you can expect it to grow and prosper. 

Anyway, visit the page and post your opinions. If you would like toi see this turn into an adjunct of the Weapon Brown experience, let me know what would make it cool and keep you coming back!