I know that Betty White did a star turn on SNL recently, which I haven’t seen (too many episodes of Flash Forward to catch up with on Hulu, sorry), but I guess now she is also riding that wave into a movie called You Again with Kristen Bell and Sigourney Weaver in order to create some sort of tri-generational hipness engine.

Kristen Bell I only know by name– I don’t listen to country/western stations or watch the CW or whatever segment of media she hails from, so I am not equipped to rank her screwability. Sigourney, of course, is the world’s first confirmed genetic MILF, so the movie will have that much going for it. But my question is, is Betty White really the best exemplar of Greatest Generation sensuality Hollywood can give us?

I’m not knocking Betty, but you wouldn’t have to scout too many Country Kitchen Buffets to cast an octogenarian sex kitten hotter than her.  As long as we are supposed to imagine this cast as a potential  intergenerational menage, my vote would have been for Judy Dench in Betsy’s role. Dial “M” for muffin, baby. Better yet, Daryl Hannah! I know she’s not actually of that generation, but did you see her in Kill Bill? She’s looking a little haggard these days. My kind of haggard.