A friend of mine in sunny Las Vegas spied this fellow at a bus stop wearing what appears to be an unlicensed Roadkill T-shirt. Part of me is flattered, while another part of me wants to track this man down and choke him until his eyeballs fill with blood. The possibility that it is not a Roadkill shirt has still not occurred to me.

Of course, who needs profits from illicit merchandise when one has a successful artwork sale to rely upon? I have been pleasantly shocked at the number of people who have gobbled up my original Weapon Brown pages, but there are still so many good ones to choose from! Remember: all proceeds go to publishing the Weapon Brown graphic novel. However, if you want to pretend that I will donate some of the money to starving Haitians or to out of work Gulf shrimpers, hey, whatever opens your wallet!

I am keeping busy during my working hiatus. In case you doubt it, here is a teaser image from the upcoming storyline to rub one out to:

Mmm! Makes me think of Italian food for some reason. Well, back to work!*

*(You, not me. I’ma watch me some Netflix)