“And So, Weapon Brown didst wander out from the Web Page into the Shattered Lands, there to renew his hatred and return with black anger for all, so spake the Prophet”.

-The Book of Othmar, Surah 9 :15

With The Last Airbender being universally panned, I can now safely declare myself to be the new M. Knight Shyamalan, and thus the anointed master of suspense and unexpected twists. With this mantle upon me I thus declare that those who wait patiently for the return of the Chosen Blockhead will not be disappointed. August 30th is hardly farther from today than one hummingbird’s heartbeat from the next, and He who is patient and returns often to this web place will be rewarded fivefold on earth and one thousandfold in heaven for His faith.

Because you loyal readers have been so good to me, I have, as promised, prepared F-rations for you all to enjoy while Weapon Brown wanders the wilderness. The first is the arrival, at last of Deep Fried #4! I will soon have the individual issue ready for ordering, but in the meantime I have bundled it with the other Weapon Brown comics as the Fallout Pack. The collectible Fan Appreciation issue of DF4 has a new Weapon Brown short titled “It’s the Great Pumpkin Weapon Brown”, a prequel to the original story arc that shows Linus’ first attempt to raise the Great Pumpkin. Oooo! Don’t bother calling yourself a true fan if you don’t own this one! And it will only be available until August 30th, so do or do not. There is no try.

Nextly is the art sale you see at the top of the page. I am liquidating the majority of my original Weapon Brown pages to raise money for still more Weapon Brown goodness. The pages are dirt cheap, and if you think holding a comic in your hands is cool, wait until you are physically in contact with the very lines of Weapon Brown. I’m telling you, you won’t need to sniff glue again!

But of course, you are here for pictures, not mere words. And so this Friday return for the first of many weekly installments of my new feature Coffee Break, a darling little strip with clever jokelettes that will make the wait for Weapon Brown more than endurable.

Naturally, whenever something in the news pisses me off I will blog about it as if time was an endless sea of potential instead of a flame devouring all our lives, second by irreplaceable second. Should be fun!