I’m back from my treacherous journey around the nation setting up at one show after the next and paying more money for beer than anyone since Prohibition. I’m gratified to see that so many of you have been clawing at my door like the Living Dead hoping for a new strip. The bloody streaks on the window are like valentines to my ego.

Now that my travels to the depths of fandom are over, I can at last fulfill your desires. But a bit more patience please, as I am writing this blog from a pressurized tank meant to prevent the bends.

New strip on Friday! In the meantime, here’s a carnival of memories for you to enjoy from Chicago and Pittsburgh.

I ran into this guy at C2E2. What’s that character’s name again? Black Vulcan? Black Lighning? Something to do with electricity as I recall. Black Voltage?

This isn’t what it looks like. Lord Vader is just checking my teeth for tartar.
Here’s my setup at the Pittsburgh Comicon. Who amongst you wouldn’t buy comics from a guy with such an awesome booth? Because you have a lot of company.
Black Tesla? Black Kilowatt? It’s on the tip of my tongue…
This picture may hurt Aquaman’s new job as pitchman for Red Lobster.
Day One of the Pittsburgh Comicon, and I am going through a phase I call “con puberty”, where I begin to absorb the likeness of my products.
By Day Two the transformation is nearly complete, and security is forced to drag me off to quarantine lest someone accidentally feed me after midnight.
Don’t let these ectomorphs fool you: not all of that muscle is airbrushed!
Now I remember! Black Static Shock! It’s funny though… he’s really wearing more blue than black.