I think that by today, American conservatives must be getting a little camera shy. First Obama eats their lunch on air at the Republican’s Baltimore retreat, and now Sarah Palin, aka “Legally Brunette”, has demonstrated that the right wing’s leading light is a half watt dimmer than an LED.

Delivering the keynote address at the last annual Tea Party Convention in Nashville Tennessee, Sarah blitzed the crowd with a hundered grand’s worth of Republican bullet points and vagaries, and did her best to corral the ambitions of the mostly lumpen audience should they hope to elude the two-party machine with candidates of their own in November.

But while you would think that Palin—a pro at masturbating her audiences with a guileless delivery of GOP boilerplate—should be able to yodel the entire conservative agenda in her sleep, apparently it is just so much bullshit to her as well; so much so that she had to write it on her hand to keep on message.

This would be hilarious in and of itself, she-who-would-be-president needing a crib note to deliver a line about “lifting America’s spirits”, as if that isn’t the kind of rhetoric any politician doesn’t need to puke up twenty times a day. But since it follows directly after her opening remarks about Obama’s notorious teleprompter habit, the instant karma is irresistible.

Note also that she crossed out “budget” cuts and wrote in “tax” cuts. Am I the only one surprised that she didn’t use white out?