I was originally somewhat disappointed by Obama’s State of the Union address. I found his “feistiness” about as compelling as the “zestiness” of a nacho cheese triangle. His tone was too concilliatory for my tastes, especially after a year of tea partying. Asking the Republicans to lead? No! He should be asking them to lick his licorice whip! What’s the goddamn point of owning Congress and the White House if you have to keep curtsying to the hillbillies?

But I may need to rethink my distaste for “cool ranch” Obama. He scored some points against the rage machine the day after the SotU by appearing at the House Republican’s retreat in Baltimore. There he conducted a spirited Q&A with the Army of Darkness which undercut a lot of their right wing talking points about Obama’s first year on the job.

If Obama can keep up this political judo, his Mister Nice Guy routine may yet win the day. Conservatives have already voiced regret about letting the event be recorded, either because it allowed Obama to look reasonable, or because it made them look that way.